Price Calculation and Booking

Thanks to this feature, you can serve the price information to your customers before travelling. The travellers, knowing won't face any surprise price, prefer you because they trust on you.

"When the travellers know the price information, this situation is really reassuring for them.Thank to this, there are my new customers who always prefer me."

Scott Rivera
Melbourne, AU

Real-Time Traffic Data

Real-time traffic data makes it easy for your customers to organize their trips. The usage of this feature is optional. If you want, you can deactivate it.

"According to my customer feedbacks; knowing the traffic information helps them to plan their travel priorities before calling a cab."

Jae Cheng
Seoul, KR

Booking Notification

New orders are notified immediately via Telegram or text message (SMS). Telegram notifications are free! Thanks to this feature, you can be aware of all new orders instantly and provide feedback to your customers.

"Hearing the sound of new order notification from Telegram bots belongs to Taxi Theme makes me very happy. In the text seeing all information about order simplify my work."

Eugene Salomon
New York, US

Everything you need to promote your Taxi

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Attract new customers by appearing on web and mobile devices. Taxi Theme is optimized for SEO. In this way, you will be one step ahead of your competitors.
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Easy Installation
You don't need to coding skills. Customize it for yourself just by following the steps in the documentation. You can use Taxi Theme anywhere in the world.
Telegram and SMS Integration
Taxi Theme is integrated with Telegram and SMS provider services. In this way, you can receive booking notifications. You just only need to define your Telegram or SMS provider ID.
Easy Customization
You can change the colors, language and modules of Taxi Theme easily. You can find all of the explanation about customization in documentation file. You don't need to any coding skills.
Contact Form
Visitors can send messages via contact form to you. You can define your e-mail address that you want to receive messages into settings file in seconds and start to use. That's all!

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